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Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR) Tour Summary

The Sussex County STEM Alliance Tours Committee sponsored a tour for industry leaders and educators on November 15, 2018 visiting the Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR) at Delaware State University (DSU).  The OSCAR building enables overall academic and professional development of students by providing hands-on research experience in the following emerging areas:

  • Optics
  • Photonics
  • Other related fields of STEM careers.

The overall goal is to engage students in critical thinking in addressing key societal challenges using light-based technologies.

The current research areas associated with OSCAR are:

  • Ultra-High Resolution Imaging
  • Uncooled Infrared Detection
  • Space Exploration & Navigation
  • Electro & Bio-Engineering Sensors (i.e.: wearables)
  • Greenhouse Gas and Pollutant Detection
  • Cancer Detection Research, and 3-D Printing.

In addition to the research component of OSCAR, there is an Outreach component where the goal is to improve STEM education by training teachers and giving opportunities to K-12 students to increase their STEM knowledge. OSCAR research interns are offered year round paid fellowships at all academic levels including undergraduate and high school.

OSCAR’s current portfolio of summer programs consists of the following where the participants are paid to attend

  • A one-week summer mathematics & physics enrichment program for middle school students, high school students and
  • A middle and high school six-week teacher training program.

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