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Sussex Central High School STEM Program Tour Summary

On February 15, 2019 the Sussex County STEM Alliance coordinated a tour for students, educators and local industry conducted at Sussex Central High School (SCHS) to gain insight into the Indian River school district’s involvement in STEM related activities. Attendees gained insight into the STEM Club which is a space for students to work collaboratively on projects which they are passionate about. They have 139 students registered in grades 9-12.


Examples of completed projects included:

  • Project Goliath – Students in grades 9-12 from various academic tracks collaborated to build a 3D printed drone from free, open source plans found on Thingiverse.
  • Thundercloud – Students in grades 9-12 from various academic tracks collaborated to design and build a sound responsive lighting fixture based on examples seen online.
  • SCHS Pin Chain – SCHS Wrestling coach approached a club advisor to create a motivational “pin chain” for his wrestlers. A student in 11th grade designed a school themed logo to be 3D printed, then design was spray painted and assembled. Chain is currently in use by the wrestling team.

Current projects include:

  • VEX Robotics – Students in grades 9-12 from various academic tracks collaborate to build a VEX Clawbot for use in future VEX competitions at the local and state level.
    • Current status: in need of funding for a second robot and a VEX game course.
    • Goal: Acquire funding for a second robot and VEX game course, along with travel to local, state and possibly national and international competition.
  • FarmBot – Students in grades 9-12 from various academic tracks collaborated to build a raised bed garden and install a farming robot called a FarmBot.
    • Goal: Host Bot to Table dinner for Sussex County STEM Alliance stakeholders at SCHS with some of the menu coming from FarmBot raised foods.
  • STEM Classes are taught in four out of eight elementary schools. Two are integrated with projects that lead the way.
  • STEM year round course at Selbyville Middle School.
  • All Elementary schools participate in Hour of Code.
  • Makerspace is located at SCHS, STEM Lab, after school maker group. Makerspace is also located at Millsboro middle school.
  • North Georgetown Elementary received a grant for a 3D printer and are implementing a program this year.
  • All elementary and secondary schools are participating in robotics VEX IQ (Elementary) and VEX RC (Secondary)

Future projects include:

  • Drone Racing League – Goal is to purchase and build a fleet of four racing drones that teams of students can use for racing competitions.
  • Robo RC Racing – Purchase and build a fleet of four to six self-driving RC cars.

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